Cameroon Passport & Visa Photo Requirements

Visiting Cameroon, known for its cultural diversity and natural beauty, requires a passport and visa, each necessitating compliant photos. Cameroon's government mandates specific guidelines for passport and visa photographs to ensure they accurately represent the traveller's identity. 

Passport photos must be colour images with a white background, measuring 2x2 inches or 35x45mm, taken within the last six months, with the subject facing forward, occupying 70-80% of the frame, and displaying a neutral expression. Visa photo requirements are similar, with potential additional criteria based on the Cameroon visa type. 

Non-compliance with these photo specifications, such as wearing hats, head coverings, or glasses (unless medically necessary) or altering images with software, can lead to application rejection or delays. Using a professional photographer familiar with these requirements is advisable to avoid complications.

What is a passport-size photo of Cameroon?

What is a passport-size photo of Cameroon?

A passport photo is essential to the passport application process, acting as a key identifier. Following the specific photo guidelines is crucial when applying for a Cameroon passport. These include adhering to the regulated size and white background, and maintaining a neutral facial expression and direct pose, and wearing simple, formal attire without any headwear or glasses unless medically necessary. Meeting these photo requirements is vital for a successful passport application.

Requirements for the Cameroonian Passport/visa Photo

Requirements for the Cameroonian Passport/visa Photo

To ensure a smooth passport application process for Cameroon, adhere to the updated photo guidelines set by the government:

  • Size: Photos must be 2x2 inches (35x45mm).
  • Background: Use a plain white background without any patterns.
  • Colour: Ensure the photo is in colour with natural tones.
  • Head Position: Keep the head centred and facing forward.
  • Expression: Maintain a neutral expression with a closed mouth.
  • Eyes: Eyes should be open, clearly visible, and not obscured by hair.
  • Glasses: Glasses can be worn if they don’t cause glare and the eyes are visible.
  • Headwear: No hats or head coverings except for religious or medical reasons.
  • Editing: Avoid any editing, retouching, or digital alterations.

For optimal results, consider using a professional photographer familiar with these requirements.

Digital Image Requirements for Cameroon Passport Application Online

  • Image Format: Acceptable formats include PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG.
  • File Size: While not explicitly specified, keeping photos under 300 kB is recommended.
  • Lens Resolution: The camera lens should be at least 600 dpi.

Note: All photos must comply with standard requirements regarding background, quality, posture, clothing, and accessories.

Rules for Baby, Infant, and Newborn Passport and Visa Photo Guidelines

Passport and visa photos are crucial for international travel documentation, even for babies, infants, and newborns. Capturing a compliant photo of young children can be challenging due to their mobility, sensitivity, and inability to follow instructions. Here are the updated guidelines for taking passport or visa photos for this age group:

  • Age Requirement: All ages, including newborns just days old, need a passport or visa photo.
  • Clothing: Dress them in plain, light-coloured outfits without patterns, ensuring the face and ears are visible.
  • Facial Expression: Aim for a neutral expression with a closed mouth. Both eyes should be open and visible, free from obstructions.
  • Background: Use a plain white or light-coloured backdrop without any designs.
  • Head Position: Keep the baby's head centred and facing the camera directly, ensuring no tilting and a shadow-free.
  • Photo Quality: The photo should be in colour, clear, with high resolution, printed on quality paper, and free from blurriness.
  • Size Requirements: The photo should be 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5 cm), with the baby's head measuring 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches (25 mm to 35 mm) from chin to crown.
  • Renewal: Update passport and visa photos for babies, infants, and newborns every five years or upon passport renewal.

Following these updated guidelines will help ensure a smoother process and prevent delays or issues with your child's passport or visa application.

How do I take a Cameroonian passport and visa photo at home?

Creating a high-quality passport photo at home is achievable with some effort. Here's a simple guide to get you started:

  • Dress Appropriately: Wear clothes that meet the standard requirements for a passport photo.
  • Ensure Good Lighting: Choose a location with excellent lighting to avoid shadows.
  • Use a Neutral Background: Stand before a neutral-coloured backdrop for a clear picture.
  • Camera Quality: If your smartphone camera can take sharp, high-resolution images, it's suitable for a passport photo. Avoid selfies by following these steps:
    • Have Someone Else Take the Photo: Ask another person to take the picture, standing 5-7 feet away, to capture just the upper half of your body.
    • Use a Tripod: Alternatively, set up a tripod at a distance of 5-7 feet. Adjust it to capture the correct framing for your passport photo.

Adhering to these guidelines can produce a passport photo that meets professional standards at home.

Some Tips for Photographing a Cameroon Passport/Visa. 

Follow these tips to achieve a high-quality passport photo:-

Camera Distance: For clear identification, position the camera 5-7 feet (1.5-2 meters) away to fully include the head and upper body in the shot. Try different distances to find the best shot.

Posture: While primarily focusing on the face, maintaining a straight but relaxed posture is important. Look directly at the camera to ensure your face is fully visible.

Lighting: Uniform lighting is crucial to highlight facial features without shadows. Aim for even lighting from all directions to avoid any dark spots or glare.


The required dimensions for a passport photo from Cameroon are 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) or 35 mm by 45 mm.

The background colour for a Cameroonian passport photo must be white.

Glasses are allowed in a passport photo from Cameroon as long as the eyes are visible and the lenses do not glare.

You need two photos for a Cameroon visa application.

You can get your Cameroon passport photo taken at professional photo studios or shops specializing in passport and visa photography services, ensuring they meet the specific requirements.

A new passport photo is required only with major appearance changes since your last passport, such as significant facial surgery, major changes in facial piercings or tattoos, drastic weight changes, or completing a gender transition.

Minor changes like growing a beard or changing hair colour don't necessitate a new photo. For children under 16, natural ageing does not require a new passport photo.

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