Complete your Ongoing Cameroon eVisa Application

The Cameroon E-Visa website offers a feature allowing applicants to halt and resume their Cameroon eVisa application process at any point. This functionality ensures applicants have the utmost flexibility and convenience in managing their application process.

How to Proceed with an Incomplete E-Visa Application:

Don’t worry if you cannot finish your eVisa application in one go. We provide a detailed guide to help you complete your online application from where you left off.

  • The procedure is user-friendly. Upon starting your application, you will be issued a temporary application ID, which will be sent to the email address you have provided.
  • To resume your application, simply enter this temporary application ID on the designated page for ongoing applications. This will allow you to track and continue your application process.
  • Next, you will encounter a text-based CAPTCHA challenge. Completing this step is essential for verifying your identity and securing your application.

Once these steps are completed, click the “Complete Partially Filled” button. This action will take you back to your partially completed application form, allowing you to finish your application.


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