Cameroon Visa Types and Categories to Apply for Cameroon

Embark on a journey to the heart of Africa with our comprehensive Cameroon Visa Guide. This essential read is your passport to understanding the various types of visas available for travellers, each tailored to different purposes, from exploring Cameroon's lush landscapes to engaging in business within its vibrant economy. Whether you're a tourist drawn to the country's rich cultural heritage, a business professional seeking new opportunities, or someone looking to immerse themselves in Cameroon's diverse experiences, this guide covers you. 

Alongside detailed insights into each visa category, you'll find practical tips to navigate the application process smoothly, making your adventure to Cameroon seamless. Let's dive into the world of Cameroon visas, where every traveller finds their path to unforgettable experiences.

What are the types of Cameroon e-visa?

There are three main categories of Cameroon e-visa with single and multiple entry slots.

  • Transit Visa:

    • Single Entry: Ideal for a one-time brief stopover in Cameroon.
    • Multiple Entry: Best for frequent transits through Cameroon.
  • Short-stay Visa:

    • Single Entry: Perfect for a one-off visit up to 180 days, suitable for tourism or business.
    • Multiple Entry: Allows various visits within 180 days, offering flexibility for repeated entry.
  • Long-stay Visa:

    • Single Entry: For extended stays in Cameroon, such as for work, study, or family reunification, allow one prolonged visit.
    • Multiple Entry: Facilitates numerous entries over a long duration, ideal for long-term commitments requiring travel outside Cameroon.

Describe the transit visa for Cameroon.

The Cameroon Transit Visa is designed for travellers passing through Cameroon to another destination. It allows for a short stay in the country, typically less than 5 days, to facilitate flight transfers or brief layovers. This visa can be issued for a single entry, for travellers making one transit through Cameroon, or as a multiple entry visa for those who need to transit through the country several times over a specified period. 

It's an essential tool for individuals navigating travel itineraries that require passing through Cameroon, whether they are airline crew members, passengers with connecting flights, or travellers on multi-destination trips.

Describe the short-stay visa for Cameroon.

The Short-stay Visa for Cameroon is tailored for individuals planning brief visits, whether for tourism, business, or attending events, allowing a stay of up to 180 days. This visa can be issued for either a single entry, perfect for a one-time visit, or multiple entries, ideal for those needing to enter and exit Cameroon several times within the visa's validity period. 

It caters to the needs of tourists exploring Cameroon's attractions, business professionals engaging in short-term activities, and participants in cultural or family events.

Describe the long-stay visa for Cameroon.

The Long-stay Visa for Cameroon is designed for individuals intending to stay in the country between 90 and 365 days. It caters to various long-term visitors, including students, employees, and those joining family members in Cameroon. This visa type facilitates extended stays for education, employment, or family reunification, providing a foundation for deeper engagement with the country. 

Depending on the applicant's needs, the visa can be issued for a single entry, suitable for those who plan to remain in Cameroon without leaving, or as a multiple entry visa, ideal for individuals who may need to travel in and out of the country during their stay.

Understanding Transit, Short-Stay, and Long-Stay Visa Purposes for Cameroon

Cameroon offers a spectrum of visas catering to diverse travel purposes. Some prominent examples include:

  • Annuity File Follow-up: Staying for managing and overseeing annuity-related paperwork and processes.
  • Approval File Follow-up: extending stay for monitoring and ensuring the approval of relevant files.
  • Audit: staying for examining and verifying financial or operational processes.
  • Business: extended stay for business-related activities such as meetings, negotiations, and collaborations.
  • Conference: remaining in a location to participate in or organise conferences.
  • Evangelism: Prolonged stay for religious outreach and mission work.
  • Family Regrouping: Staying to reunite with dispersed family members.
  • Family Reunion: Extending stay to participate in planned family gatherings.
  • Family Visit: Spend more time with family members.
  •  Humanitarian: extended stay for engaging in humanitarian activities and aid work.
  • Internship: remaining for the duration of an internship programme.
  • Medical Evacuation: Prolonged stay for medical treatment or recovery.
  • Mission: Staying for a specific mission or project.
  • Participation in an Event: Extending stay to participate actively in an event.
  • Pension File Follow-up: Remaining to oversee and manage pension-related paperwork and processes.
  • Professional: Prolonged stay for professional development and work-related activities.
  • Promotor: Staying for promotional activities and campaigns.
  • Religious Visit: Extended stay for religious purposes and rituals.
  • Repatriation: Remaining to facilitate the return of individuals to their home country.
  • Seminar: Staying to attend or organise seminars.
  • Sport: Extended stay for sports-related activities or events.
  • Study: Remaining for educational purposes.
  • Teaching: Prolonged stay for teaching or educational activities.
  • Tourism: Staying for an extended period to explore and experience the local tourist attractions.
  • Training: Extending stay for training programs or workshops.
  • Transit: Staying temporarily during a journey.
  • Vacation: Prolonged stay for leisure and recreation.
  • Volunteer: Extending stay to participate in volunteer work and community service.
  • Work: Staying for employment or professional commitments.

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Some are very important in the following categories mentioned above, which are given in detail below:

Cameroon Tourist Visa

The Cameroon tourist visa, a short-stay visa, allows visitors to enter Cameroon for tourism up to 180 days. Applicants must provide a filled visa application, a valid passport with six months of validity beyond their stay, and two recent photos.

Additional requirements include a travel itinerary, hotel bookings, and proof of financial sustainability. Visa fees vary by nationality and processing time or depend on entries. This visa strictly prohibits employment or business activities within Cameroon.

Cameroon Family Visit Visa

The Cameroon Family Visit Visa allows foreign nationals to visit family in Cameroon for up to 180 days, extendable to 60 days. Applicants must show proof of family ties (birth or marriage certificate), a letter of invitation from a Cameroon-based family member, and other necessary documents. This visa doesn't allow work or business activities; a separate work permit is needed for employment.

Cameroon Business Visa

The Cameroon Business Visa is a short-stay visa for up to 180 days, allowing entry for business purposes. Applicants need a valid passport, two photos, and may require an invitation letter from a Cameroonian company, proof of business activities, and a travel plan. 

Visa fees vary by nationality and are payable at Cameroonian embassies. This visa permits attending meetings, training, audits, equipment installation, or other temporary services but does not allow employment in Cameroon.

Cameroon Diplomatic and Official Visa

The Cameroon Diplomatic and Official Visa caters to diplomats, officials, and their families for official visits and representatives of governments or international organisations in Cameroon. It covers the period of the official mission, exceeding the standard 180-day limit. 

The application involves submitting a diplomatic note or official letter to the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs outlining the visit's purpose and length. This visa is typically issued at no cost, allowing holders to undertake official and diplomatic duties in Cameroon.

Cameroon Study Visa

The Cameroon Study Visa facilitates extended stays for education, valid through the study period with potential extensions. Requirements include a six-month valid passport, two recent photos, an admission letter from a Cameroonian educational institution, and financial proof for the stay.

Academic credentials and additional documents may be needed. Processing spans several weeks, after which, successful applicants can partake in their academic programmes in Cameroon.

Cameroon Work Visa

The Cameroon Work Visa allows foreign nationals to live and work in Cameroon for the length of their employment contract, with possible extensions. Applicants need a passport valid for 6 months beyond their stay, two recent photos, an authorisation to work issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and an employer letter detailing the job, contract length, and salary. 

Processing takes days, and successful applicants can work as specified in their permit, excluding other employment or business activities.

What are the different steps to applying for a Cameroonian visa?

Applying for a Cameroon visa online simplifies the process, eliminating the need to visit an embassy. Here's how to do it:

Quick Steps:

  • Application Form: Fill out the online form accurately, and double-check your information.
  • Documents: Upload necessary documents, such as a valid passport, photos, and travel itinerary, following the portal's guidelines.
  • Payment: Pay the visa fee online with a credit or debit card; fees vary by visa type and applicant nationality.
  • Wait: Processing times vary; wait for your application to be processed.
  • Collection: Receive your visa via email and print it for travel.
  • This streamlined approach helps you prepare for your Cameroon visit efficiently.

Tips for Successful Cameroon Visa Application

To boost the chances of your Cameroon visa approval, follow these straightforward tips:

  • Ensure Accuracy: Complete your visa application correctly, matching your travel documents.
  • Gather Documents: Submit all required documents, like your passport, photos, accommodation proof, return tickets, and financial evidence.
  • Apply Early: Start your application process well ahead of your intended travel date.
  • Select the Right Visa: Make sure you're applying for the appropriate visa type and meeting its specific requirements.
  • Demonstrate Return Intent: Show evidence of your plans to return before the visa expires.
  • Prove Financial Stability: Provide proof of sufficient funds for your stay.
  • Check Insurance Needs: Submit health or travel insurance proof if required.
  • Meet Specific Requirements: Adhere to any special requirements based on your nationality.
  • Be Honest: Only provide true information and authentic documents.
  • Seek Embassy Advice: Contact the embassy with any questions or uncertainties.

These essential points can simplify your Cameroon visa application process and help avoid rejection.


The different types of visas available for Cameroon are transit, short-stay, and long-stay.

It is simple to apply for a visa by visiting Cameroon’s e-visa website and clicking on the “Apply visa” option to complete the form.

For a Cameroon tourist visa, typically, you'll need the following:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Valid passport (6+ months).
  • Recent passport-sized photos.
  • Travel itinerary (flights, accommodation).
  • Invitation letter (if applicable).
  • Proof of funds.
  • Yellow fever vaccination.
  • Visa fee payment.

Yes, the Cameroon Business Visa is a specific visa category for business visits to Cameroon.

Generally, e-visa takes around 7 to 10 days. However, if you want your visa early, you must pay additional charges.

Yes, as of April 30, 2023, you can apply for most types of Cameroon visas online.

The fee varies based on visa type, length of stay, and nationality. So, checking the updated fees by the Cameroon e-visa cost on the website is better.

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